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Body By Lekan – Because each new day gives us a fresh opportunity to improve ourself.

Recent studies at KU Leuven, the leading Research university in Belgium and University of British Columbia revealed that even though a large amount of money and effort is spent on buying fitness membership, and ad campaigns encouraging people to have an active lifestyle, nothing improved. More than a quarter of the world’s adult population — about 1.4 billion people aged 18 and older — were “insufficiently active” in 2016, the World Health Organisation reported in Sep 2018. We all know that as society and technology progressed, the need to be physically active has reduced exponentially thereby making physical fitness a nice to have rather than an absolute necessity! We, at Body By Lekan genuinely believe that with a personal touch and focus on people's fitness we can do wonders to improve the fitness of the community as a whole. This prompted us to believe that a fitness centre which makes physical fitness affordable as well as encourages people to turn up is the best way forward.

Join us and make the most of it! Begin your journey to fitness with Body by Lekan, your new health and fitness partner, since 13th January 2019. The brain child of Lekan, a former world-class athlete who has competed in many National and International sporting and fitness events. With his wide spread knowledge and experience in the field of fitness and well-being, Olympics training, his sole aim is to share the knowledge and experience, to bring out the best in you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our Goal

To improve and help people live their life at the fullest through our comprehensive weight loss programs, muscle toning exercises and well planned nutrition plans with the help of our fitness experts. What’s more, we also ensure that you have fun working out with us!

Our Facilities

We provide world Class boot camp and personal training and believe in personal touch with our clients to customise fitness for them. So get set to go for a healthier you. So, no matter if you are planning to work out for fitness for the first time or a fitness freak, get started by booking your fitness package with us today and let the best people from the world of fitness train your body to be at its best!

Body by Lekan is the right place to begin a healthy life with a strong will that will keep you fit for days to come.

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I am former world-class athlete, was part of Team GB 2012 and I will help you achieve your fitness goal in losing weight, gain muscles and toning up.

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